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The Village at Squaw Valley Redevelopment by the numbers - just a few of the ways this plan supports our surrounding communities:

  • 500+ new year-round jobs supporting tourism that isn't seasonally dependent
  • $22 million in annual tax revenues toward public services like schools, parks and public safety
  • $20 million toward transit initiatives
  • $150 million in new infrastructure, including road, utility and Fire/EMS improvements, and more
  • $6 million dedicated to park and recreation planning, including improved hiking and biking trails in Squaw Valley
  • $2 million annually to help fund Olympic Valley environmental initiatives
  • 9-acres of Squaw Creek restored and protected, with $2 million dedicated to completing restoration

The Plan

The Village at Squaw Valley Specific Plan proposes redeveloping and completing the unfinished base area Village at Squaw Valley to reestablish the resort as a premier mountain resort destination and ensure it has a sustainable future. The project proposes that 90 percent of the redevelopment would happen on disturbed lands and existing asphalt parking lots already zoned for development. If approved, it will provide new on-site lodging and recreation opportunities, create more year-round local jobs, offer on-site affordable workforce housing, rehabilitate Squaw Creek, and provide over $22 million in annual tax revenue to help fund public services including schools, road improvements, transit services and public safety.

Since inception and in response to community feedback, the Village at Squaw Valley redevelopment plan has been significantly reduced and is now only 38 percent of what is allowable per the Squaw Valley General Plan and Land Use Ordinance.


Check out our new :30 TV spot, which shows why securing Squaw Valley's future is so important to our region. It's time to take action support an economically and environmentally sustainable Squaw Valley for the next generation.

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